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User-Centred Design - B1 course



User-Centred Design

The purpose of this project was to design a product that would help a specific target group, in our case teenagers and young adults, manage their money. In 8 weeks we went through the whole design process by doing various assignments.

I liked that we got the time to do some user research before we had to come up with a concept. In this way we were able to create a concept that suits our target group. Whilst developing our product the assignments got us to keep checking what the users thought of our product. It was interesting to design whilst focusing on what the users wants instead of what I think it the right thing. This is what I’ve been doing in the last course, but now I know that focusing on the user is very important because he/she needs to want our product.

I wanted to learn new methods to get in the users mind, because that was something that I found difficult in my last project. What helped me with this was doing the interview and creating personas. By checking if your product suits your personas, you immediately know if the design suits the user.

What I found the most useful were the expert and user evaluations. I made a prototype before, but didn’t test it after making it. This course made me realize that you should always keep testing your product. I liked the expert evaluation, because I discovered some small mistakes or forgotten things that we didn’t notice whilst making our prototype. I found the user evaluation the most important, because this was the moment we would get some confirmation on what the user thought of our final product. After testing we found some small adjustments that need to be made. I think user evaluation is important to improve your product and make the finishing touches.

Overall I am very pleased with our result as a team and what I have learnt. Knowing how I should in cooperate the users wishes in a product will definitely help me with future projects.

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