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Trends and Forecasting - Elective

Trends and Forecasting

Trends and Forecasting

Trends and Forecasting

This elective broadened my view on design. I learned lots of new techniques to create innovative concepts that also support a company’s or persons vision. For instance, we created a ‘box’ for Gastroback with a few keywords that fit their products. Then we thought of concepts that could be executed by the company that would fit their ‘box’, but also what the general public would want in the future. So my group had to think of a concept for a society that had no money, but a lot of technology. I feel that an exercise such as that one, or the one where we had to create with a mood board of a certain designer can be used in future projects where I want to create a concept that fits a certain company or vision.

At first, I thought an exercise about analyzing a famous designer (Tom Dixon in my case) was not going to be something useful for me, because I always had the vision that non-technical design was not very relevant for me, because I only make technical designs. However, with this exercise I realized that there is really a lot to learn from big designers. It was inspiring to see how Tom Dixon had his very own way of creating things, and it made me realize that I should also explore more what my way of designing is. Besides that, this exercise also helped again with designing within a certain vision, which in this case was Tom Dixons vision.

When starting this course I expected to learn how I could create concepts within certain trends that are happening at the moment. The definition of a trend that I wrote down before the course was ‘A trend is a high interest in a certain style, for a temporary time period, for a large amount of people’. Looking back this view on trends has changed. I looked at trends as a really specific product that people are interested in buying for a maximum of a few years. However, I have learned that a trend is a much bigger concept than just a certain product. For instance, an upcoming trend that I noticed at the MEDICA fair was healthcare for personal use at home. So people do not have to visit their doctor or hospital, but can monitor themselves. This is not specifically attached to one concept, but it is a subject that many concepts can be covered by this trend. So when designing it is important to realize what interests are from the target group.

With everything I have learned during this course, I feel like I will be better at looking at the bigger picture of society when creating a concept. I learned the importance of looking forward instead of looking at what society is today. I also learned how to create concepts within a certain vision. I am very excited about implementing the different design techniques that I learned into my future products. I believe that they will help me with being innovative, staying true to myself as a designer and being able to empathize with different companies and societies.

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