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Sustainability motivation - USE project

USE project

USE project

How can households in the Netherlands be motivated to transition to green energy?

For my USE project, I conducted a small research on motivation for transitioning to green energy. Through literature study and research through design, conclusions are drawn on the topic of motivating households tot transition to green energy. The research shows that there are multiple theories about motivation. Connecting these to green energy gives some design opportunities. With a prototype the possibilities of the literature findings are explored. This research shows that a text message in an application makes households more motivated to transition to green energy.

Considering the small-scale study data it can be concluded that a confrontation about CO2 emission through text does motivate households more to transition to green energy. The results show that with the created prototype, almost all opinions improve. Within the control group some improved, some stayed the same and some deteriorated.

Since green energy is an important and relevant topic right now, this research is also relevant for situations outside the test group. Not enough households have made the transition yet, but with new applications and services, such as this one, companies or governments can help with motivating households to transition.

However, the findings of the study indicate that there are still some developments that should be made to improve the design. For future work it will be necessary to conduct research about how to include my literature findings in a different way than text. Then a comparison can be made between different methods to find the most effective one. Research using a larger sample size would also be important. This can confirm or deny my findings, as I am now unable to draw any hard conclusions.

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