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Sound Design - Elective

Sound Design

Sound Design

I am very happy I choose this course, because sounds can be integrated in every product but I never of thought of this or knew how to do so. What I liked the most about the course was the creative and exploring part. Since taking this course, I pay much more attention to the sounds that products create and what the reason behind this is.

During the course I had trouble with the weekly assignments. I felt like this was mainly because they were mostly theoretical, and that is something I find less interesting. What I should have done differently is ask help from fellow student or the teacher to help me with understanding the literature. This would have probably also helped me with substantiating the theoretical part of my final sound sketch.

I am most satisfied with my achievements on the practical part of creating a sound sketch. I implemented everything I’ve learned during the lectures and I also developed my skills in my spare time. This resulted in me coming up with a creative idea and having a well-thought off sound sketch.

If I had had more time I would have worked more in the sound studio to create higher quality sound. I also would like to try and record different sounds than the ones that I created with my keyboard. It would be nice to explore what objects create sounds that are nice to work with. This is something I will try to do in future projects where I also include sound.

Overall I am pleased with what I achieved. The main thing I learned is how to implement sound in concepts or even make it the main feature. I believe that doing this will add much more value to all my future projects.

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Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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