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Enabling Sustainable Energy Storage

In my second year I decided that I wanted to develop myself more outside my studies. That is why I decided to join a student team; SOLID. This is a team that develops a system that can store green energy in iron powder. In my eyes, this system can and will accelerate the energy transition.

I joined the team for one and a half year as a strategist and marketeer. I learned to develop marketing strategies for the team, with the help of knowledge I retrieved from visionary courses at the TU/e. For instance, I helped developing a communication plan and made adjustments to the corporate identity. I was part of a marketing team of four members, and the whole team consisted of 22 members. My responsibilities in the team were our social media, the monthly newsletter and some small graphic design tasks.

One of the things that I learned was working together with students with different study backgrounds. I needed to work together with technical students and be able to translate their language to a more understandable one to use for marketing. I also developed my graphic design skills. I did small projects of designing posters or infographics in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. Finally I learned more about marketing. I learned how to communicate difficult subjects to the outside, and how to largen your public. I developed this in a team of four and with the help of coaching from Bliqsem (a marketing agency).

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Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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