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Making Sense of Sensors - B2 course



Comparing activity levels of office workers to their quality of sleep

For this course, we gathered data from a Mi Fit band for a small study.

My main responsibility in the group was creating graphs in Tableau from our gathered data. At first we had some struggles with preparing the data to be usable in Tableau. However, after some YouTube tutorials and the help of our tutor Roy we learned how to do this. I had fun exploring all the possibilities of Tableau and discovered that besides choosing a graph type, you also need to consider other things such as how to indicate the participants and how to present trendlines.

Whenever there were tasks to be divided I took on the tasks that I preferred, but also listened to what my group members wanted to achieve. Since I was able to be present during all of the meetings we had as a group, I also contributed to group discussions we had about our research.

One major reflection point for me is about the group work. Working with a group six students was challenging. Due to everyone’s busy schedule it was difficult to find moments to meet with everyone. In the beginning we struggled a bit with the communication. Throughout the course we learned to keep each other up to date in our chat, but we also started scheduling meetings with a few group members. This resulted in everyone being more up to date on what everyone was doing. So I learned that communication is key, and even though we were unable to find a time to meet with the whole group it was very useful to meet with a few group members every week. Eventually this resulted in me having worked together with every single group member.

In the future I would like to focus more on preparing the data to use in Tableau to broaden my expertise on data processing. I only worked partly on preparing the data, and this took quite some work since my group members even created a formula for this. I think it would be interesting to look more into this mathematical approach of using data.

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