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Influence of playful design on motivation - Research Project



Exploring student motivation through design

Within a group of three we conducted research on student motivation. Our research questions was ‘How can a playful design enhance the cognitive engagement in the classroom of 7-12 year olds by considering the autonomy, competence and relatedness of pupils?’. After literature studies on motivation and cognitive development and children, we started developing a prototype. We created an interactive throwable cube to use during class during instructions. The cube is meant to be used by the teacher to ask questions. We tested this cube on a middle school, and used another middle school as our control group.

In this project I developed a lot of skills on statistics, which I did not have before. I performed Cronbach Alpha and ANCOVA tests in IBM SPSS Statistics. Here I saw the importance of reading your data with statistics, because only in this way you are able to draw valid conclusions. Besides this, I continued focusing on user centered design and programming the prototype within this project.

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