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From Idea to Design - B1 Course



From Idea to Design

I found this course very enjoyable. Bart Hengeveld gave great advice in a very fun way. For instance, he teached us a lot of ways of brainstorming I didn’t know about. This helped our group a lot with coming up with a lot and innovative ideas. I took notes during every lecture, which helped us when we were meeting up with our group. I can also use these notes in my future projects.

During the first weeks of this course we did some individual research and after this we always worked together on our idea in meetings. In the last few weeks everyone had their own tasks in the group. My task was to make our report and the prototype of the lighted Limbopad. I worked on the prototype with other group members, and it all went very well. We divided the tasks in a way that everyone does what they are good at and enjoy doing. In this way, everyone was doing the same amount of work.

I am very proud of our end result, and especially of our prototypes. I loved working with our group. I was very lucky to be with only enthusiastic and motivated people. I can take all the things I learned in this course to my future projects. I feel like this course brought me one step further to becoming a good designer.

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Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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