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Engineering Design - B2 course

Engineering Design

Engineering Design

Engineering Design

For this course, we had to create a robot that could save people in a disaster area in a multi-disciplinary team. Through iterative design sessions, we came up with a robot that lifts items up through suction power. The main purpose of the project for me was to learn from each other’s expertises, and learn more about mechanics, electronics and programming.

When starting this project, we already had a clear view of the necessary skills for the project and we knew the skills of the group members. Division of tasks was done based on everyone’s skill set. The communication in our group was not always very good, which caused some misunderstandings. This was often due to some non-productive meetings with a lot of silences. But we had creative ideas and came up with a unique concept for the robot. We really had to know each other a lot better but this is not something that is rare in group work at the start.

We had made some kind of planning, but this planning was not always that clear or some parts were missing. This resulted in less productivity than we should have put into the project. This was mainly because we thought that if all the separate parts worked fine, then the final ROD would also work; this was not the case unfortunately. This resulted in us not having enough time to test and tweak the ROD in the last week of the realization. This in the end resulted in our ROD not functioning properly at the design closing event.

Communication in the group improved over the weeks, but in the end we really needed to do a lot of things that we might have seen coming if we would have communicated better in the beginning. Almost everyone did what they were asked to do but sometimes that was all that was done, we did not look for things to do in the future, which then as already mentioned resulted in us having too little time left.

All in all, we did a good effort in doing the things that we were asked to do, but we could have been a bit more time efficient in the end resulting in our ROD not working as we would have wanted.

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