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Design Research - B2 Course

Design Research

Design Research

Can the experience of gifting through a digital service be improved for the giver by personalizing the gift with a video message?

We conducted research on improving digital gifting experience for the giver through adding a personalized video message in comparison to adding a text message. In order to test this, we developed a web application in which users could record and personalize their own video message, and measured their emotions before and after recording a video. Our research has shown that recording a personalized video message in the process of ordering a gift has a positive influence of the emotions of the gift-giver.

This course was an introduction for me on conducting scientific research, and it set a nice basis for upcoming research projects. I learned that there is already a lot of research done, which you can and should use in your own research. This can only make it stronger, and makes sure that you are enabling new research findings.

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Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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