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Design Management - Elective

Design Management

Design Management

Analysis and recommendation for Google

For this elective, we were assigned to evaluate Googles strategy, and provide them a project proposal. In line with Google’s mission of making all the information in the world universally accessible and usable, we created a project plan. We feel like there is still a long path to go until Google really provides all the information one might actually need. Therefore we came up with a concept that combines different information platforms.

Something that everybody uses every day is transport. Google provides information about this with Google Maps. However, this service doesn’t satisfy all of the user’s needs. That is why we want to create a service where a person’s transport options are combined with its specific needs and agenda. We believe that when Google provides a complete transport service, people will use Google every day and will more easily see Google as their source for whenever they need information. To enable this service, we set up a planning, strategy, milestones, deliverables and cost proposal.

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