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Creative Apps

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I joined this course, because I wanted to improve my coding skills and I feel like an app could suit many design projects. At the start of the course I realized that my coding knowledge was a bit more rusty than I expected. However, the exercises from Codingbat helped me with creating a good base.

My groupmate and I had a clear task division for building our app. We both worked on separate pages. In the first few weeks I had difficulty with very basic things, such as forgetting to put a ‘;’ at the end of a line or forgetting to import a class. I then spend a lot of time on small mistakes like these which I did not immediately realize.

After using Android Studio for a few weeks I got the hang of it, and I did not make these mistakes anymore. I started with creating a listview where a user can add courses. I find out that looking up Youtube tutorials and looking at other’s code works best for me. After creating a simple list I wanted to be able to delete items and open a new activity when clicking on an item. With some googling, I found that I would like to use a swipeable menu, since this feels and looks more aesthetically pleasing. I experienced some difficulty with opening a new activity, but with some help of my groupmate I managed to make it work. At this moment the ‘more’-button opens a new activity with the same listview for every course. I spend a lot of time with finding out how to automatically create a new activity per course item, but I could not manage to make it work.

I realized that our team might have wanted our app to do too ambitious things, such as that it creates a new activity for each list item or the widgets that my groupmate made. Looking back, we should have focused on creating more simpler things in the app and fewer complex things. However, I learned a lot from the many errors I have gotten throughout the process, and how I fixed them.

Besides the planning page, I also worked on the aesthetics of the whole app. I looked at different apps that I use, and noticed that most apps are quite simple so that is also what I stuck to. I downloaded images and icons from Freepik, adjusted these to fit the same style and put these in the app. I learned how to implement different color schemes and set shapes that you can use in multiple items.

Before starting the course, I expected to be able to easily code an app without much help form the internet. I realized that this is not the case, but that it is also not bad to use the internet when coding. I can code simple things such as textview, buttons and new activities. More complex things such as a swipemenulist is something that I would need tutorials or help forums for. I however did get better in looking at where the mistakes in a code are and what codes on the internet suit my project. I think that I just need more practice to get better, and mostly quicker, at coding apps.

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Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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