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Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Elective



Philips SOI

For this elective we designed a product for Philips. We created a that product improves the time management within the bathroom in homes. This improvement reduces stress and annoyance, and will also boost time efficiency.

We started with the group trying to decide in what direction we wanted to go. We changed our framing and concept multiple times, because of feedback from teachers and other sources. During this rocky road a lot of information and research had been mixed together. At the end of the project we had a lot of work figuring everything out. We have had a few major learning points for us in this project: staying organized during the entire project, keep every member of the team on the right task and the last one, look critically on the design. Though these are basic rules, keeping them the right way has to be learned through experience. These learning points we have gained will result in a better experience in any project or task in our future regardless of their purpose.

My focus within the project was on the business model. I didn’t have any experience with this, but I was very motivated to learn about it. In the beginning it was a little bit difficult because we knew so little about it and the assignments were a bit vague. But after some weeks the lectures became more business related, which resulted in our assignments becoming better. We also did a lot of research on the internet. It was really interesting to learn how to set up the VPC, the business model and a business case. Because our concept changed several times, we had to redo the business side a few times, but this was a good opportunity to improve our skills. I think that the subjects we learned during this course will be valuable for us all in the future, having economic insight in your projects means you will produce better and more valuable products.

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