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UX and UI internship

Before having found an internship company, I did not expect to do an internship at a remote company. I really wanted to go abroad, and BeHappy was the only company that I liked which could offer me an internship abroad. So I chose to go for it. The main advantage of remote working was the freedom; both in time and in location. I was able to schedule my own hours, because I was not bound to office hours, and I could work from wherever I wanted to work. Even though these are big advantages, I do not think I would want to work remotely in the future. A major disadvantage for me was the remote contact. I did have frequent online contact with the team, but this was less than that I would have working in a team at university. The threshold of getting in touch is higher when you have to message them online, and you do not have the possibility to work together and start sketching or prototyping. I think that the best ideas come from collaboration, and with remote working it is more common to divide tasks than having collaborative meetings.

When reflecting on my internship, I realized that BeHappy did not share the vision of industrial design completely. Especially if you consider the social responsibility that we carry as designers. All my previous design projects where aimed at solving a problem of a certain user group. Also all with the possibility to become a widely used product for everyone in the world that fits this group. For BeHappy their projects where in the end more about creating more revenue for the client, through pleasing and influencing their users. I realized that it is not self-evident that you design for a greater good; a better society. This cause gives me a lot of intrinsic motivation and satisfaction, which I did not experience as much during projects in my internship. So even though I might be more restricted in my future projects than I am currently at the university, I would still want to design whilst considering my social responsibility and really make a difference besides creating more revenue.

All with all I learned a lot from this new experience. This internship had me learning a things that I will be using again in the future, but I also learned more on what I do not like. I learned more about design processes and coding, realized that a client can restrict your design process and learned that the field of web design does not offer me all the possibilities that I want.

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